About J2.5 demo

J2.5 demo site 

 J!TrackGallery website correspond to 3 different Joomla install and one wiki (manual):

  1. J!TrackGallery website and Forum (Joomla2.5)
  2. J!TrackGallery J2.5 demo (this site)
  3. J!TrackGallery J3.x demo
  4. J!TrackGallery manual

You can't register on Demo websites, simply use demo accounts.

  • J2.5 website
    • Frontend: login demo, pwd demo
    • Backend: login demo_BE, pwd demo_BE
    • NOTE: current 0.8 version has limited configuration in backend. This will be fixed in next versions
  • J3 website and manual(wiki) will not be open to registration to ease maintenance
  • J!TrackGallery Forum is obviously open to registration.